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Built On Passion, Talent and Expertise 

It all starts from an initial brief from the client and then we start to bring that concept to life.

We have a pool of performers not just here in the UK but in other countries around the world.  

All our artists are true professionals and carefully selected for the performance in hand.  We have a talented and creative in-house costume team that design beautiful bespoke costumes, tailor made to suit each event.

Once you have proposed your vision, our 'Vision' begins.  The music and choreography are uniquely arranged, Pre-production is under way and we get the show on the road...

Masquerade Ball

Welcome to Venice one and all

You're invited to the Masquerade Ball


Elegance and sophistication

Mystery and imagination

Decadently dressed in black and white

We waltz away into the night

But what might be behind the mask

And do you dare to ask?

This show is the perfect entertainment if you require a night of pure decadence and elegance.  We can adapt the show using twelve dancers, or if you wish as few as four. 

We can even add singers, masquerade character actors or musicians into the mix, for an evening complete with style, sophistication and beauty.

Thriller Nights

With dark nights closing in 

Face your fears confess your sin 
From blood thirsty vamps to ghostly ghouls 

London mansions to warehouse expansions

Private, corporate, clubs nights or fright nights

Enter if you dare to the Vision lair!

A fresh, versatile and sensational interactive fright night.  Incorporating interactive ghostly characters and unexpected dance performances, leaving nothing to the imagination!


There is no venue too big or small for our ‘Thriller Nights’ experience.  We have performed in a multitude of venues from private haunted houses with as little as 5 performers to large corporate events with as many as 80.  We are fully adaptable and willing to cater to your specific requirements.

Around the World

Sit back and hold tight

Around the World we go tonight

France, Spain, India, China 

Experience culture in no way finer

Costumes, dancers, music and choreography

Sure to improve your dance move geography

An exquisite night of beauty and precision

This authentic display crafted by ‘Vision’

You see it, feel it, hear it and believe it

From border to border you will live and breathe it

A beautiful extravaganza uniting countries from around the world.  From an exhilarating French Can Can to a colourful Bollywood Dream, all the passion from the heart of Spain to Cheerleaders & Breakers from the USA.  We can create a stylised piece themed to the country of your choice, individually tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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